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Vancouver Wedding Photography & Destination Weddings

Vancouver best known wedding photographer János Molnár, You will receive over a 1000 photos or what ever it takes to documenting your special day. We have the highest trained crew with the newest in professional equipment.
We do all types of weddings and specialize in East Indian weddings such as Sikh, Hindu, and Muslim weddings.

We have recognized that great photos come from properly trained photographers with experience and professional equipment, not just a lucky shot.

One can not ” take a chance” on that special day. Your wedding portrait photographs need to be done properly by a professional.

We make sure that you do not worry about anything. To see some of our wedding photos go to our wedding link on the right and click on weddings.

As we can not put all our photos online, we welcome you to come to our studio to view our work. Viewing is by appointment only.
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